What is VRF?

How does "-Verifiable Random Function" work?

VRF is an on-chain function that generates a pseudorandom output from a given input while providing a cryptographic proof that allows anyone to verify the output's correctness without compromising the randomness or revealing the private key used to generate it.

This unique combination of unpredictability and verifiability positions VRFs as an indispensable tool in a variety of applications, particularly in scenarios where trust and transparency are paramount.

A robust VRF solution should have the following properties:

  • High security: VRF numbers are cryptographically secure, ensuring that they cannot be predicted or manipulated.

  • Verifiability: Each random number generated is accompanied by a proof that can be independently verified, ensuring transparency and trust.

  • Unpredictability: The randomness generated by e-VRF is genuinely unpredictable, making it suitable for applications where fairness is critical.

Now, let's understand how Entangle's VRF works.

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