Photon Fees

Let's break down the fee structure associated with the Photon Messaging protocol, particularly focusing on operational fees and system fees.

Operation Fee

Operation fees are paid by the protocol to Entangle for each operation within the ecosystem. This commission is calculated based on the anticipated usage rate of the Photon Protocol.

Over time, this fee structure is designed to stabilize, gradually aligning with the benchmark pricing of 0.01 $NGL per message, ensuring a balanced and sustainable economic model.

Operation fee (F_op) is calculated using this:


Where a, b, and c are pre-calculated constants and "T" is the average number of protocol transactions per day.

The income generated from the protocol F_op * T.

System Fees

Transmitters contribute system fees to Entangle for each bet they process, calculated as a percentage of each reward.

Value for system fees is 5%.

Initialization and Parameter Changing Fees

Photon incorporates a structured fee schedule for the initialization of protocols and the modification of parameters to ensure efficient operation across various blockchains.

1. Protocol Registration Fee (protocolRegisterFee)

  • Purpose: Covers the expenses incurred by the Gov protocol in distributing information about new protocols and their associated Transmitters across all connected blockchains.

  • Optimal Setup: Recommended for initial setups involving 10 Transmitters to ensure comprehensive coverage.

  • Fee Amount: Approximately 37.5 NGL, calibrated to account for the higher costs associated with the most expensive chains. This is a one-time fee intended to support initial protocol registration.

2. Change Protocol Parameters Fee (changeProtocolParamsFee)

  • Purpose: Applied when altering protocol parameters, which may vary significantly depending on the specific chains and changes involved.

  • Fee Considerations: Due to the rarity and potential complexity of these changes, a higher fee is justified.

  • Fee Amount: Set at 16 NGL, reflecting the infrequent nature and potential complexity of parameter modifications.

3. Manual Transmitter Registration Fee (manualTransmitterFee)

  • Purpose: Levied for the integration and dissemination of information pertaining to new Manual Transmitters within the network.

  • Fee Amount: Approx 19 NGL, facilitating the addition of new Manual Transmitters and ensuring their details are propagated throughout the system.

4. New Chain Initialization Fee (initNewChainFee)

  • Purpose: Incurred when introducing a new blockchain into the Photon Messaging ecosystem, ensuring compatibility and seamless communication between the new chain and existing protocols.

  • Fee Amount: Aligned with or less than the Protocol Registration Fee, considering the similarities in the nature of the tasks involved and the need to maintain a balanced fee structure.

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