Photon Data Streamer

The Photon Data Streamer is a "subsystem" under the Photon infra. It enables the continuous transmission of data in real-time, allowing for the immediate processing and analysis of information as it is generated. As a result, the Photon Data Streamer enables dynamic, up-to-the-minute insights and responses in various applications, from analytics to live content delivery.

In the Entangle ecosystem, the process of updating data starts with Transmitter Agents collecting trade data from various sources. Off-chain preprocessing is performed to determine the optimal data value and format, such as VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) or TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) for price values, median trading volume, and so on.

The value updates involve a voting period where Transmitters calculate and push the value to StreamDataSpotter contracts. Once conditions for finalization on the Entangle Blockchain are met, an update event is initiated, leading to the finalization of data and the broadcasting of updated price information to the designated blockchain.

This structured approach facilitates a secure, efficient, and fair process for data streaming and operation execution within the Entangle ecosystem, maintaining the integrity and utility of the blockchain data.

Finalizing Proposals

Data finalization is a multi-tiered process, starting with the aggregation of Transmitter proposals and culminating in the selection of a canonical data point that best represents the observed reality.

This process is underpinned by the Transmitter Bet Mechanism, where Transmitters "bet" on the accuracy of their data submissions, with the potential for reward based on the collective agreement of their peers. This betting mechanism introduces a game-theoretic layer to the consensus process, encouraging Transmitters to strive for the utmost accuracy in their submissions.

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