Key Features of Entangle's Data Feeds

Entangle data feeds incorporate key features that significantly enhance their functionality and utility:

  • Unified Collection and Processing: They empower decentralized applications to import data from any Web2 and Web3 source, offering developers the ability to define processing and finalization modules and select dissemination schemes.

  • Interoperable Infrastructure: The feeds enable smart contracts to access data across any chain or source, delivering data seamlessly across both EVM and non-EVM networks.

  • Customizability: Developers are afforded the flexibility to customize the data processing workflow to align with specific use cases, moving beyond the constraints of conventional oracles.

  • Push and Pull Models: Entangle offers both push and pull models for data delivery, catering to the varied needs of applications for timely updates or cost-effective on-demand data retrieval.

  • Token Utility and Economic Model: Fees generated from the data feeds are distributed among validators, transmitter agents, and their delegates, enhancing the tokenomics of Entangle's native token, $NGL.

  • Data Security and Decentralization: The Entangle Blockchain serves as a secure repository for authenticated on-chain data storage, bolstered by a network of over 100 validators and the implementation of Dual Proof-of-Collateral mechanics.

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