Supported Accounts

Entangle supports 2 type of accounts EVM and bech32.

You can covert between hex and bech32 format with command:

entangled debug addr <address> 

To navigate with bech32 address (with ent prefix) you can interact with CLI:

Adding key:

entangled keys add <key_name> --keyring-backend file

Importing key:

entangled keys add <key_name> --keyring-backend file --recover

Exporting private key:

entangled keys unsafe-export-eth-key <key_name> --keyring-backend file

Querying account details:

entangled q account <address> 

To navigate with HEX addresses you can use Metamask or other EVM wallets, with following parameters:

Entangle mainnet:

Entangle testnet:

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