Use Cases

Universal Data Feeds facilitate a wide range of Web3 applications, including but not limited:

  • Composability of Yield Assets (Liquid Vaults): Facilitating the collateralisation of yield-bearing tokens (LPs) by providing varied data sets imbued with logic in order to meet money market and derivative protocol needs.

  • Cross-Chain Dynamic Gaming Assets: Enhance gaming experiences with dynamic mechanics such as upgradeable NFTs and efficient asset transfers across blockchains.

  • RWA Tokenization: Seamlessly integrate diverse data from off-chain sources and repositories for accurate and secure tokenization of real-world assets (see illustration below):

Entangle's Strategic Vision

Entangle is poised to support cross-chain communication across over 13 blockchain networks, integrate with more than 50 DApps, and demonstrate the capabilities of its Data Feeds. Through strategic partnerships with leading ecosystem protocols, Entangle is committed to establishing a unified, efficient, and scalable Web3 infrastructure.

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