End Point Gov

The End Point Gov contract functions as the target contract within the GOV protocol, playing a pivotal role in the dynamic management of protocol parameters across various blockchain networks. The GOV protocol, being a level 0 protocol, is responsible for distributing service information and operates under similar principles as the other protocols in the system. We initialize this protocol at the system deployment and intend it to perform service operations within the infrastructure across all blockchains.

End Point Gov acts as the intermediary between the Master Smart Contract and the End Point contracts deployed on target networks, ensuring that updates and changes in protocol settings are accurately and efficiently propagated.

The GOV protocol is serviced by transmitters from our partners, whom we approve.

Operational Mechanism

  • The GOV protocol detects triggers such as an External Developer setting parameters for their protocols or a Round Manager setting up new transmitters for each protocol. Once it detects these triggers, it executes an operation that involves calling one of the functions of the End Point contract on the target network where the change is required.

  • Upon receiving the call, the End Point Gov contract processes the information and then configures the End Point contract on the target network by writing the new parameters into it. This ensures that the End Point is always operating with the most current and correct settings as dictated by the overarching protocol's requirements.

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