Data Collection and Processing

In the Data Stream protocol, Transmitter Agents play a crucial role as the intermediary between data sources and the Entangle blockchain. Their primary objective is to establish a robust data pipeline on the Entangle blockchain. During this stage, Transmitter Agents have the capability to preprocess incoming data.

Transmitters in action – Fetching data from CEXes

  • Collecting raw transactional data from various CEXes

  • Storing the data in local databases

  • Aggregating trades by defined time intervals

  • Calculating the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) based on the aggregated data

The VWAP value is then utilized in the subsequent flow of the Data Feeds protocol.

This preprocessing stage is crucial for preparing the data for further processing within the UDF protocol.

Data Classification

Data handled by Transmitter Agents can be broadly classified into:

  • Deterministic Data: This category includes data that is stored on-chain, requiring no additional processing due to its inherent reliability and consensus-based acceptance.

  • Floating Data: Characterized by its volatile nature and lack of a definitive value, floating data necessitates preprocessing such as aggregation and calculation before it can be finalized for blockchain incorporation.

By performing these functions, Transmitter Agents ensure the smooth flow of accurate and processed data within the Entangle blockchain ecosystem.

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