MasterChef - This contract accepts user assets via Entangle Router and also communicates with ProtocolSynthChefs, who in turn already know how to work with third-party integrated protocols.

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function getLpTokenTotalBalance(uint128 sid) public view returns (uint256 lpTokenBalance)
  • Returns the total LP token balance invested by a SID in a third-party protocol.

  • Important note - this is the total balance nested in this pool, not just msg.sender's

function getLpToken(uint128 sid) public view returns (address token)
  • Returns the LP token address of the corresponding SID.


mapping(uint32 protocolId => address ProtoSynthChef) public chefs;
  • Mapping provides addresses of ProtocolSynthChefs for integrated external protocols.

  • You can retrieve protocolId from sid using SidLibrary’s method unpack

address public feeCollector;
  • Stores the address for protocol-authorized commissions.

uint256 public feeRate;
  • Specifies the commission rate for certain functions.

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