Entangle Revenue Streams

By providing a range of essential services and infrastructure primitives to both native and third-party applications, Entangle ensures a steady flow of revenue, contributing to the overall health and growth of the platform. The main revenue streams include:

  • Gas Fees: Transactions on the Entangle blockchain, including smart contract executions and on-chain activities, require gas fees paid in $NGL, ensuring network security and efficiency.

  • Cross-Chain Messaging Fees: Entangle facilitates seamless communication across over 15 supported blockchains, charging fees for cross-chain messaging and data transfer.

  • Application Fees: Developers utilizing Entangle's infrastructure for their DApps contribute to the revenue through application fees, benefiting from the platform's robustness and scalability.

  • Universal Data Fees: Entangle's Universal Data Feeds, encompassing both traditional oracle solutions and real-time data streaming, provide vital data services to DApps and smart contracts, generating revenue through usage fees.

  • Additional Services: Services such as eVRF and other advanced features within the stream data subsystem offer specialized functionalities, contributing to the revenue through service-specific fees.

Revenue generated from these sources is meticulously allocated to support the Entangle ecosystem's continued development and sustainability. The distribution model ensures that key stakeholders, including stakers, delegators, validators, and transmitter agents, are rewarded for their contribution to the network's security and efficiency. A portion of the revenue is also reinvested into marketing and operations, promoting Entangle's growth and expanding its reach within the decentralized space.

This revenue model not only underscores Entangle's commitment to delivering unparalleled services and infrastructure but also reflects its dedication to fostering a thriving and sustainable ecosystem for all participants.

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