Master Smart Contract

At the heart of the Entangle Oracle Blockchain lies the Master Smart Contract. It serves as the primary contract of the protocol, playing a crucial role in:

  • Maintaining and disseminating information about the current settings of protocols (transmitters, Executors, input-output contracts)

  • Gathering data and proofs of operations from transmitters of each protocol.

These two main tasks ensure efficient management and updating of the system, as well as supporting transparency and verification of operations within the blockchain.

As part of its second task, the MSC contract implements the "proposeOperation" function for collecting data and proofs of operations from Transmitter Agents of each protocol. Transmitters offer operations, provide proofs in the form of their signature, and make a stake on the reliability of the proof, taken from the stakes of NGL tokens. Once the necessary amount of proof is collected, the operation and Transmitter's signatures can be sent for execution by an Executor in the target blockchain.

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