Protocol Fees

Universal Data Feeds include various fee structures included with the operation of the protocol:

  • Transmitter Agent Rewards: These are levied for each voting operation conducted by Transmitter Agents. This includes updating values on the Entangle blockchain and distributing these updates to other chains.

  • External Developers (Data Distributors): Fees are incurred for each data finalization event orchestrated by external developers.

  • Data Distribution Proposals: External developers are also charged for each proposal approved for data distribution to a destination chain.

  • PriceSpotter Contract Transactions: When data is accessed within a transaction from the PriceSpotter contract, a fee is transferred to the feeCollector from the caller. This necessitates the caller setting an allowance of $NGL for the Oracle DataSpotter contract to facilitate this transaction.

These fees are integral to the operation and sustainability of the Entangle UDF, compensating participants for their contributions to the protocol and covering the costs associated with data processing and distribution.

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