Delegator Guide

Choose Receiver Agent

Find your favourite Receiver agent.

Delegate NGL to Receiver Agent

To delegate, click on the "Delegate" button and select the amount you wish to delegate. This action triggers the execution of the delegate function in the StakingManager contract:

  /// @notice Delegate NGL to agent
    /// @param _agent - agent address
    /// @param _amount - amount of NGL to delegate
    function delegate(address _agent, uint _amount) external

Claim Rewards

Your rewards can be claimed on the delegator page (link to the delegator page). This action involves calling the following function of the StakingManager contract:

    /// @notice Claim delegator rewards from last claim round to current round
    /// @param _agent - agent address
    function claimRewards(address _agent) external returns (uint)

Rewards can only be claimed for completed rounds, meaning that it's not possible to claim rewards for the current round. It's important to note that while the option to undelegate is available at any time, doing so will result in the loss of all accrued rewards for the current round.

  /// @notice Withdraw delegation
    /// @param _agent - agent address
    /// @param _amount - amount of NGL to withdraw
    function withdraw(address _agent, uint _amount) external

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