Advantages Over Traditional Oracles

Entangle's Data Feeds transcend conventional data oracles by implementing a modular mechanism. This mechanism standardizes data streaming into a universal format, facilitating seamless access to a broad spectrum of Web2 and Web3 data across any network.

Entangle addresses several limitations inherent in existing data oracle frameworks, including:

  • Data Availability: Entangle’s data feeds ensure access to a wide array of data from both Web2 and Web3 sources, addressing the lack of seamless infrastructure in the current Web3 ecosystem.

  • Customization: The feeds allow for the customization of data logic to cater to complex and unique use cases.

  • Cross-Chain Capabilities: Unlike traditional oracles, these feeds efficiently disseminate data across various networks without being confined to a limited number of blockchains.

  • Data Authentication: By providing authenticated, verifiable on-chain data and mechanisms to verify integrity, the feeds mitigate security risks and potential data manipulation.

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