Executors are backend programs with a wallet capable of fetching approved operation information from the Master Smart Contract (via the "OperationApproved" event) and executing this operation on the destination chain through the End Point. Executors must be deployed and funded by the External Developers using Photon Messaging.

Executors send transactions to each blockchain and must have a designated wallet type for each blockchain type. Their primary role is to monitor specific smart contract events and execute blockchain transactions based on the triggers or approvals received from these events.

Key Responsibilities

  • Monitoring events: Executors continuously listen to specific events emitted by smart contracts on various blockchain networks. For Entangle, the key event to monitor is `ProposalApproved(uint256 opHash)`, which signals that an operation has been approved by the protocol's governance or automated mechanisms.

  • Execution: After validation, the Executor carries out the approved operation on the target blockchain by invoking the executeOperation function, which is defined as:

    function executeOperation(
        OperationLib.OperationData calldata opData,
        Signature[] calldata transmitterSigs

    This function processes the operation using the provided operation data and signatures from transmitters.

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