Transmitters serve as the foundation of the Photon Messaging Protocol, forming an innovative, off-chain, proof-of-stake, distributed, and decentralized network of machines. These highly programmable and upgradable nodes are tailored for the unification and seamless transmission of Web3 data. Acting as bridges between the digital realm and tangible entities, Transmitters can be elected through a robust governance mechanism to source external off-chain data from a wide variety of origins. This procedure is carefully managed by the Master Smart Contract located on the Entangled blockchain, ensuring secure and transparent operations.

Tasked with gathering data from a broad spectrum of on-chain and off-chain sources, Transmitters utilize advanced algorithms for data extraction, normalization, and packaging. The aggregation process is engineered to minimize latency and enhance data fidelity, guaranteeing that the transmitted information precisely mirrors the state of the observed systems. External developers have the flexibility to program Transmitters to suit their protocols optimally, enabling complete customization.

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